The Straight Dirt: Deciding Between Organic and Synthetic Nutrients for Your Cannabis Grow

The discussion around whether to use organic or synthetic fertilizers for cannabis cultivation is ongoing. Organic options may enhance the aroma and flavor profiles of your cannabis plants, but they don’t fit every growing environment. On the flip side, synthetic nutrients are sometimes associated with less palatable tastes in the buds; however, they can be more suitable for specific setups, such as hydroponic systems.

Organic Nutrients: Nourishment from Nature

First up, organic nutrients come straight from natural sources. Think bone meal, kelp, worm castings – stuff that Mother Earth offers. They’re like a home-cooked meal for your plants, full of good-for-you ingredients that release slowly and improve your soil’s health over time.


  • Promotes a thriving ecosystem in your soil
  • Releases nutrients at a pace your plants can handle
  • Often made from renewable resources


  • Takes longer for plants to absorb the goodness
  • Harder to correct nutrient deficiencies pronto
  • Measuring exact nutrient levels? Tougher than a two-dollar steak.

Synthetic Nutrients: Fast Food for Fast Growth

Moving on to synthetics, these fertilizers are man-made concoctions designed to be immediately available to your plants. They pack a punch of essential nutrients, giving your plants a fast-acting surge of what they crave.


  • Delivers quick results for hungry plants
  • Easy peasy to measure and adjust doses
  • Perfect for a “right here, right now” nutrient boost


  • Can build up in the soil, not exactly eco-friendly
  • Overfeeding? It’s easy to do and not so great for your plants
  • Might not play nice with the microbes in the soil

The Middle Ground: Best of Both Worlds

Here’s a thought: why not both? Using synthetic nutrients to zap those deficiencies and then wooing the soil with an organic top dressing could give your plants the royal treatment they deserve. With this tag team, you can have fast growth and a living soil rich in microbial activity.

When it comes to  Reefertilizer, our synthetic blends are crafted with precision to cater to your plant’s needs, but we’re also about that organic goodness. By adding a scoop of organic top dressing, your soil gets a buffet of natural nutrients making it one happy foundation for your leafy pals.


Choosing the right nutrients for your cannabis plants is a personal journey. Whether you go fully organic, synthetic, or mix it up, stick with what resonates with your goals and your plants’ happiness. And of course, no matter how you feed your plants, always follow the label for sage advice – your plants will thank you for it.

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