Should You Grow your own Cannabis?

Growing marijuana is illegal in many places. Learning the laws about cannabis cultivation where you live is very important before you decide to grow your own. Whether you want to grow for yourself or be able to identify a grow room if you were a landlord, this article is for you. It is possible to grow your own cannabis and to be autonomous and anonymous. You will no longer be dependent on others when you have the desire to smoke a joint, you will be able to control the quality of cannabis, and you will also have a nice new hobby. You want to grow your own cannabis, but you’re not sure how to do it? There are many guides online that will show you how to grow your own cannabis. On this page, I will explain the steps to grow your own cannabis.

Collect information about growing cannabis

It is important to start by collecting a number of theoretical information. You can do this by consulting books and magazines devoted to cannabis. Watching video clips about cannabis also helps a lot. These will teach you a lot and you will discover new things. If you still have questions after reading books, magazines, and videos, you can post them on the forums. On the many cannabis forums on the Internet, you will find farmers of various levels willing to share their experience with you and answer your questions.

From my experience, you will get in most cases a quick answer to your questions. There are, of course, many ways to obtain information After that, you will know everything about cannabis, its culture, and the various lineages, but you will probably notice that in practice, everything does not always happen in the expected way. Keep in mind that learning is a time-consuming process and you have to start somewhere.

Grow your own cannabis indoors or outdoors?

Before you buy equipment and seeds and get into the culture, you must decide whether you will grow indoors or outdoors.

It’s recommended that beginner growers start by trying to grow a plant outdoors. So you will see if it works and you will not have to invest in all kinds of expensive equipment.

Grow equipment

The next step is the purchase of growing equipment. What do you need to grow cannabis?
Growing equipment for indoor and outdoor

The Pots

You can choose to grow your plants directly in the soil. The resulting plants will be much larger, but you will be dependent on weather conditions. Cannabis plants begin to bloom only in the late summer and if the weather is rainy and cold your crop will fail. Potted plants are smaller in size but you can control the weather. For example, you can place them in the shade or indoors. This is a choice you must make for yourself. If you want to grow your plant in a pot, you will have to buy a suitable pot. The pots are available in various sizes. The size you need depends on how big your plant is and how much space you have.


You will also need earth to put in the pots. The choice is abundant. You can opt for cheap loam bags available at horticultural stores. You can use them to grow your plants, but beginners may have some problems. These types of potting soil do not contain enough nutrients for cannabis plants, are not very light, are too dry, and harden very easily. A good loose soil is important for the development of the roots of your cannabis plant and will allow it to gain strength and health. You can add perlite (tiny white pebbles) to the soil to make it lighter, but why make things more complicated? I prefer to buy my potting soil from a specialized horticulturist, we find it all over the world. You will be able to buy quality potting soil specially designed for cannabis cultivation. These high quality mixtures are light, usually thanks to the addition of perlite, and contain the necessary nutrients in sufficient quantity.

OK, it’s a little more expensive. But quality has a price. The biggest advantage of good cannabis soil is that your plants will only need minimal maintenance. A good potting soil is important for your plant, so if you want to save, do it on what you want, but not on potting soil. If your budget really does not allow you to buy good potting soil, the best compromise is to use potting soil. This is a more expensive variety of mixed soil of better quality. Do not use the compost provided for flowers, because this type of soil is generally too acidic for cannabis plants.


Once your pots filled with soil, you will of course need seeds. You can buy great seeds at Seed Supreme. The seeds are of excellent quality. These offer a germination rate of 95%, 100% guaranteed genetics, and are 95% feminized. The only thing you have to do is decide which lineage you want to grow. In this field you have an almost unlimited choice, and each line has its own qualities. It is almost impossible to make the wrong choice. It all depends on what you are looking for. There are two main strains of cannabis: Indica and Sativa. The indicas are relatively small in size and have strong, thick stems, large leaves, and a short flowering period.

Sativas, on the other hand, produce very tall plants. Their leaves are smaller because of their rapid growth. In addition to the main lines, there are many hybrid lines or crosses. These are mainly crosses with a high proportion of indica and a low proportion of sativa, or vice versa. You can also opt for autoflowering seeds, which will allow you to grow a plant very easily. Everyone has a personal opinion about the best lineage, but it’s all about personal preference. Whatever your choice, it will always be a good choice.

If you are a novice farmer, It’s would recommend starting with indica. Sativas can be unpredictable and grow very high. Indicas have better resistance to stress, which means less stress for you when you grow your own cannabis.


In general, good potting soil contains enough nutrients to ensure all growth. However, it is recommended that you bring additional nutrients to your plant in the last few weeks. Some growers have a preference for liquid nutrition, because the plant can absorb it easily. If you grow indoors, you will only need nutrients for flowering. Even the cheapest potting soil contains enough nutrients to cover the entire growth phase. You can buy various types of fertilizers for plants, but all are based on a mixture of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Nitrogen and potassium stimulate growth and during the flowering phase, it is best to use a mixture of phosphorus and potassium. A good fertilizer for bloom contains mainly phosphorus and potassium, and little nitrogen.

Of course, there are also normal fertilizers, but I advise you to use a special fertilizer for cannabis. It contains the right ingredients for the cannabis plant.

Equipment to grow your own cannabis indoors


Like all other plants, cannabis seeds need light to grow. If you want to grow cannabis indoors, you will need to buy a lamp. The duration of the night is very important for cannabis plants, so always use a timer to ensure a regular cycle. You can choose lamps of various electrical power to grow cannabis: 400 W, 600 W or 1000 W. The more light you have, the better the yield. High pressure sodium lamps (hps) are ideal for indoor growing. I replace my bulbs every year to ensure optimal brightness.

Start with the cheapest and simplest design. Air or water pumps can still be purchased later. Make a first attempt to see if the basic equipment is sufficient.

The Air Extraction System

You will then need an extraction system with an activated carbon filter. Cannabis plants need carbon dioxide (CO2) to grow. They draw their CO2 in the air. If you can not supply the growing space with fresh air, the plants will use all the CO2 in the air. Growth will slow down and plant health will be affected. An extraction system draws in the CO2-depleted air by venting it outside, automatically drawing CO2-rich air inside. This system also eliminates typical odors released during the flowering phase. A coal filter is a large tube filled with coal. Charcoal absorbs the chemicals that cause odors and neutralizes them. As for lamps, I replace my carbon filter every year.


To ensure that the fresh air provided by the extraction system is evenly distributed in your growing room, you will also need one or more fans for good air circulation. By circulating the air constantly, the fan ensures a good distribution of temperature, humidity, and CO2.

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