Powder Cannabis Fertilizer vs. Liquid Fertilizer

For anyone who has stepped into a gardening center, the selection of cannabis nutrients has always been kinda daunting. There you will find a wide variety of products in different sizes and containers. It can be difficult to wade through all these different options.

As a grower we want to make 100% certain of the content of the solutions we’re feeding our cannabis plants.

One question I keep hearing is “What’s the difference between a powder cannabis fertilizer and a liquid fertilizer?”. Besides it’s obvious state of matter, the difference can be hard to determine from just reading package labels alone.

While some growers might simply say one is better than the other, advance growers know that there’s a time and place for each. Let’s compare powder cannabis fertilizers to liquid ones, so we can make an informed decision on what to feed our plants.


Obviously a liquid cannabis fertilizer will dissolve in water much more easily than a powder. If powder fertilizer isn’t dissolved properly then it won’t work as effectively.
The easiest way to ensure that a powder fertilizer is diluted properly is to dissolve a little first. Dissolving the recommended dose of powder in a small amount of water first is best. Once you have this solution evenly mixed, you can add it to your water can (or reservoir for hydroponic grows).
Liquid fertilizers also have elements that can settle. When using liquid nutrients before to shake up the jug before measuring your dose.

Multiple Part Fertilizers

Many liquid base nutrients will come with an “A” solution and a “B” solution. The reason for this is that the elements in the liquid fertilizer solutions will react with each other when combined. These solutions need to be added separately to your water supply.
This is not the case for powder cannabis nutrients. Dry nutrients won’t react with each other, so having a part “A” and “B” is not necessary.


Liquid fertilizer are made of mostly water. This makes liquid fertilizer heavier and harder to ship. Moving around huge jugs of nutrients can be very hard on the back. If you’re ordering nutrients online, liquids can be more expensive to ship.
Powder fertilizers are lighter because you add them to the water yourself. Because your dealing with a powder, there’s also way less of a chance of spillage and waste. Ordering them online usually comes with cheaper shipping options.

Choosing the best powder cannabis fertilizer

The best cannabis fertilizers should have a grow and bloom formula. Each one designed for the two crucial stages of the cannabis life cycle; vegetative and fruiting.
Using a powder cannabis nutrient like Reefertilizer can make the growing process much easier for beginners. Their grow and bloom fertilizer are perfectly suited for all types of cannabis plants. They also come highly recommended by their users.

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