How Fertilizer is Shaking Up the World of Cannabis

As the United States slowly warms to the idea of legal cannabis, many entrepreneurs are finding new and exciting ways to grow and expand the industry. From cannabis infused drinks to specialty lighters, there are countless new products being developed. But one product is changing the way people think about growing cannabis, and it could prove that you don’t need to be a master grower in order to grow your own. That product is powdered cannabis fertilizer, and it’s taking the industry by storm.

But what makes cannabis fertilizer different from other fertilizer products on the market? All plants have specific needs with regard to certain nutrients, and cannabis plants, in particular, have different requirements for each phase of growth. For this reason, the best results are achieved with a multi-stage fertilizer formulated specifically for cannabis plants.

In the earlier vegetative phase of plant growth, cannabis plants like a high level of nitrogen. However, once they’re ready to flower, they do best with low nitrogen levels and higher quantities of other nutrients, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Many cannabis fertilizers take this into account, offering specially formulated nutrients for the initial starting stage, the growth stage, and the flowering stage of cannabis plant growth. 

For many years, small growers had very little choice with regard to commercial nutrients or fertilizers available. Although specially formulated cannabis fertilizers are now readily available, the more commonly available liquid format has its fair share of limitations. Powdered fertilizers, on the other hand, are just as effective as any liquid fertilizer on the market, with a wealth of benefits over their liquid counterparts. 

Powdered fertilizers are more concentrated than liquid fertilizer, allowing the user to tailor their nutrient dosage more specifically for their needs. But the higher concentration of nutrients per unit weight in powdered fertilizer also means that less packaging is required, and shipping costs can be substantially reduced. Powdered fertilizers also have a longer shelf life than liquid nutrients, meaning less wasted product and lower costs in the long run. 

These benefits translate to a more environmentally friendly product that creates less waste, less packaging, and reduces emissions related to packaging and shipping of the products. Powdered fertilizers are also easy to use: simply mix them with water and shake to fully dissolve, and plants can be easily fed in any type of growing medium. 

Cannabis is awesome!

For these reasons, it’s no surprise that many industry leaders have already made the switch to powdered cannabis fertilizers. As such an easy to use and environmentally friendly alternative to liquid nutrients, powdered cannabis fertilizers are proving to be a game changer in the cannabis industry.

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