Finding the Best Cannabis Flowering Fertilizer

There’s nothing close to the feeling of watching your plants grow inch-by-inch with your own two hands. Starting from a small seed, and ending in its glorious maturity.
Cannabis farmers are some of the calmest, most at-ease people you could ever hope to meet. With legalization on the way, gone are the days of the paranoid grower.

One of the most delicate and important stages in the growth cycle of a cannabis plant will be its flowering stage. At this point in time, the plant is pretty much full grown. The required cannabis nutrients change during this stage of growth
Its full maturity is nearing, at which point it will be ripe and ready for harvest. A very exciting time for most cannabis growers.

The Flowering Stage

Fertilizing Blooming CannabisHere’s what you need to do to ensure all goes perfectly at this point. For one, you should consider the that the first three to five weeks might not follow the patterns you’re used to.
The majority of popular strains favored by growers don’t necessarily act the same. You might find that part of the flowering stage might have more in common with the growth stage of the plant. It’s a gradual process, that comes about slowly rather than all at once.

You will have started the flowering process by switching the lighting schedules to 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness. This will cause your plant to have a short growth spurt, sometimes doubling or even tripling in size.
The buds will take on an inviting smell and the crystals will begin to show themselves. This is the moment when you’ll start getting the first whiffs of your particular strains tempting aroma. It might make it hard to wait for the buds’ maturity, but it will all be worth it down the road.

Cannabis Flowering Fertilizer

Now, onto the crucial part. As we mentioned earlier, many plants will continue undergoing their growth stages even as they begin to flower. This is the reason why a lot of growers choose to continue giving their plants growth fertilizer well into the first or second week of flowering. There’s nothing wrong with this, as the plant still requires nitrogen to build itself up. Nitrogen is the prevalent element in vegetative fertilizer.
The most common reason for doing this, is if you’re looking to increase the size of your plants. Most people growing indoors have a very limited space. This added nitrogen will add a little to the growth spurt at the beginning of the bloom cycle. The thing to remember is that it’s well within your ability to control your plants’ sizes through the usage of veg and blooming fertilizers. The differences might not be all that extreme, but they’re there.

After two-to-three weeks of flowering, your plants should have reached their final size. This is the special time at which you’ll begin to see buds and flowers forming.
Blooming fertilizer is crucial at this point because aside from its low nitrogen content, it contains potassium and phosphorous. These two elements are the essential building blocks of a healthy bud.

PK 30-20 is a balanced combination of potassium and phosphorous mixed fertilizer. It can go a long way in promoting fruiting and flowering, and it will usually come in containers with NPK ration well indicated. You don’t want to overdo it with blooming fertilizer because it’s possible to actually over fertilize your plants. It could end in disappointment.

Finally, keep in mind that every strain of cannabis plant blooms in their own way. Paying close attention is the absolute way to take care of them as they progress to maturity. Changing up a thing or two as the plant requires. Taking care of your plants will guaranteed that they will be healthy and at their full potential.

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