Choosing the Right Cannabis Fertilizer and Nutrients

When it comes to choosing the right fertilizer and nutrients, it can be difficult to narrow down the many options. Cannabis plants have different requirements for their 2 major stages of growth. Veg and Bloom.

Finding the right product to feed your plants the needed requirements at each stage is crucial. Many commercial fertilizer programs fall short of meeting these needs.

Working with cannabis shouldn’t be hard. Many beginner growers simply don’t know where to start.

If you could get all the required nutrients and fertilizers in one package, wouldn’t it make life easier?

Several jugs of liquid fertilizer can be replaced with one bag of powder.

Reefertilizer offers you a solution with their three products. Each one tailored to cannabis and how it grows. By using them together anyone can grow high quality cannabis.

Grow Better With Three Steps

Their start soil nutrients contain an organic mix of humates and mycorrhiza. Both are well known soil additives proven to benefit your plants overall health. The two work together to help protect roots from infection, as well as increase the roots ability to absorb nutrients.

During the vegetative stage of cannabis growth, plants require plenty of nitrogen. Having a full NPK fertilizer with plenty of nitrogen is crucial. Grow accomplishes this and more by including additional micro nutrients cannabis loves.

The final stage, and most important, is the flowering stage. Other bloom fertilizers require additional amounts of magnesium and calcium. Reefertilizer bloom already contains these nutrients that help you develop dense flowers.

Reefertilizer offers a special package of all three special products at a discounted rate. Perfect for someone learning to grow for the first time. This combo of specially designed to contain all the nutrients you will ever need

Other fertilizer systems require additional solutions to accomplish what Reefertilizer can do with one powder.

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